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About Bye Bye Gluten Bakery


I'm glad you're here.  

Bye Bye Gluten Bakery is a home-based bakery located in Durham, NC that sells gluten free homemade baked goods produced from quality ingredients in a dedicated gluten free kitchen.  Bye Bye Gluten Bakery provides a variety of gluten free products such as cakes, cookies, brownies, blondes, pies and breads.

I'm Teresa Bacon and I am the owner and baker for Bye Bye Gluten Bakery.  I have enjoyed baking for years for family and friends.  Several years ago I became gluten intolerant.   I could not find baked goods that had quality ingredients and tasted good or that met my standards; so I started experimenting and baking my own gluten free items.  My desire is to provide quality products that taste good.  I fully understand the importance of having a product that is free from cross contamination and I take great care and measures to prevent that from happening.

With encouragement and support from my spouse, Everett, who built my kitchen, from my Business Coach, Jill Willett, friends, and other supporters, I decided to start my own home based business.

I love baking and cooking.  It is a reward and solace to my hectic life to create something from scratch and to see others enjoy the final product.  

I hope that you will try something and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed baking it for you.

Thanks for visiting.

Bye Bye Gluten Bakery

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